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Interview: 60 Seconds on EARTH 2 with Paul Levitz

Interview: 60 Seconds on EARTH 2 with Paul Levitz

With the end of Worlds’ Finest #26, Power Girl and the Huntress find themselves back on Earth 2 — but not before leaving a legacy behind in the form of Tanya Spears, the girl who would be Power Girl! Writer Paul Levitz is moving on to telling stories set in the past for the series,

NUMBERS GAME: DC Comics – January 2013

January saw DC losing market share to Marvel again, no surprise really given that we are in the midst of the Marvel NOW! release of new titles. Curiously enough, however, there are still some salient facts that reflect the staying power of DC’s NEW 52 promotion, despite recent naysayers in the publishing industry. Individual titles


WORLDS’ FINEST #6 Written by Paul Levitz Art by Kevin Maguire, George Perez and Sandra Hope Release Date: November 7, 2012 The children of the Batman finally meet, as Earth 2 refugee Helena Wayne faces off against prime Earth mainstay (and little bugger) Damian Wayne. It’s the Huntress versus Robin for the title of best