Teaser: Moreci & Malhotra Will Take Your Destiny to the Limit

Image Comics has released the fifth and final teaser for the upcoming series by Michael Moreci and Vic Malhotra. Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming project!

Official Press Release

RocheLimit_promo2_nodressLinks for the other teasers can be found below:

Teaser 1: https://www.comicosity.com/image-comics-come-find-yourself/

Teaser 2: https://www.comicosity.com/image-teaser-moira-tech-is-hiring/

Teaser 3: https://www.comicosity.com/image-releases-new-teaser-for-moreci-malhotra-series/

Teaser 4: https://www.comicosity.com/image-comics-come-explore-with-galactic-industries/



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