Ten Tweets Thursday with @howardwong1

Welcome to another Ten Tweets Thursday, this week featuring True Patriot contributor Howard Wong (@howardwong1). Let’s see how he fared with the infamous Ten Tweets!

#1 What is the first comic you remember reading?

A Tarzan comic I ordered via Scholastic from school. It had a compelling & beautifully drawn origin tale. Can’t recall who did it though.

#2 You can only pick two: all time favorite comic book characters?

Joker and Batman. Yeah, in that order.

#3 What is your favorite series arc, limited or mini-series of all time?

Kingdom Come.

#4 How do you read your comics? Print, digital, trades?

Print. I like taking a break from the digital world and get lost in a great story.

#5 What do you consider to be the most “obscure” title you read?

Teuton by Fred Kennedy and Adam Gorham.

#6 You get to pick three: Favorite writers (current or of all time)?

Kurt Busiek, Mark Wade and Brian Wood.

#7 What is your favorite comic collector’s item?

It’s a tie between a cardboard stand-up of Death signed by Chris Bachalo & a vintage metal die-cast X-Wing I picked up from a flea market

#8 As a reader do you tend to stick to a specific publisher, follow creative teams or follow characters?

I like following creative teams to see their takes on known characters, as well as what they do with their own.

#9 You get to pick three (again): Favorite artists?

Sam Kieth, Ashley Wood and Mike Mignola.

#10 What was the last comic you read before answering these questions?

Parker: The Score. Absolutely love what Darwyn Cooke is doing with the Parker series.

***Special True Patriot Eleventh Super Awesome Tweet Question!***

#11 You are involved in the True Patriot project on Indiegogo: who is your character and what makes them a superhero?

I’m working with Adrian Alphona on an Ogopogo story, where he teaches a boy about empathy through a whimsical Swamp Thing-like tale.


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