#TenTweetsThursday with @DZawisza

HAPPY THURSDAY COMIC FANS! Doug Zawisza (@DZawisza) is in the house, and he’s answering the Mighty Ten! Get ready for some good stuff, here we go!


#1 What is the first comic you remember reading?

It was a Spidey comic, either Spectacular #17 or Marvel Team-Up #58. The first comic I ever bought with my own money was Justice League of America #192.

#2 You can only pick two: all time favorite comic book characters?

Robotman (Cliff Steele) and Firestorm.

#3 What is your favorite series arc, limited or mini-series of all time?

Crisis on Infinite Earths although, for sheer spectacle, JLA/Avengers comes in a very close second.

#4 How do you read your comics? Print, digital, trades?

Yes. I prefer print, but I’ll get digital first, or share codes. As for trades, I tend to trade-wait more established, bigger books that don’t NEED my purchase to stay afloat.

#5 What is your favourite independent comic you feel everyone should be picking up?

I wish I could say GO-GETTERS, but there’s only 1 issue of that. I’m going to have to noodle on this one a bit more.

#6 You get to pick three: Favorite writers (current or of all time)?

Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, Jason Aaron

#7 What is your favorite comic collector’s item?

The original art I’ve lucked into: Cliff Chiang’s art for the cover of Hawkman Companion. My Pérez Wally West commission. Hawkman and Hawkgirl drawings from Rags Morales. A Kevin Maguire Firestorm. Art from the cover of Giffen/Clark Doom Patrol #10.

#8 As a reader do you tend to stick to a specific publisher, follow creative teams or follow characters?

Creators and characters tend to drive my reads.

#9 You get to pick three (again): Favorite artists?

Geez. This one’s tough. Three is so narrow. Let’s go George Pérez, Kevin Maguire, and Chris Samnee.

#10 What was the last comic you read before answering these questions?

The Adventures of Supergirl #1. [In best Stan Lee voice, which really is not all that good] It’s very good.