#TenTweetsThursday with @EmmaHouxbois

Happy Thursday, comic fans! This week we’ve got one of Comicosity’s newest team members, Emma Houxbois (@EmmaHouxbois) in the hot seat to face the Mighty Ten Tweets!


#1 What is the first comic you remember reading?

TMNT, probably

#2 You can only pick two: all time favorite comic book characters?

emma frost, kate kane

#3 What is your favorite series arc, limited or mini-series of all time?

Batman Year One

#4 How do you read your comics? Print, digital, trades?


#5 What is your favourite independent comic you feel everyone should be picking up?

infinite loop

#6 You get to pick three: Favorite writers (current or of all time)?

current: marguerite bennett, gail simone, jimmy palmiotti & amanda conner

#7 What is your favorite comic collector’s item?

that i actually own, my women of the dcu babs statue designed by amanda conner

#8 As a reader do you tend to stick to a specific publisher, follow creative teams or follow characters?

creators, no question

#9 You get to pick three (again): Favorite artists?

current: bengal, annie wu, babs tarr

#10 What was the last comic you read before answering these questions?

Batman #48