THE HANGOUT featuring Cullen Bunn: June 3, 2013

The Hangout is live! Every week is special on the Hangout, but this week is a doozy: Cullen Bunn is here! Fearless Defenders, The Sixth Gun, Helheim & more, Cullen Bunn’s work has been widely discussed on the show – and now he’s here to talk about it himself! Best of the past week and picks for next week are also on tap, jump into the Hangout!

1:00 – Cullen Bunn is on the Hangout!
5:00 – Fearless Defenders: “Hit Me, I’m ready”
14:40 – The Sixth Gun
19:00 – Helheim – the Viking-era Frankenstein Story
28:00 – Jumping into Fearless Defenders
32:00 – Shirts & picks of the week
38:00 – Creators reading comics
46:00 – “My husband read it, folks”
54:00 – All-New X-Men


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One Comment;

  1. Timdogg said:

    Was great getting to listen to Cullen Bunn on last week’s show. He’s great interacting with followers on Twitter, and was nice to hear his insight on his different books.