THE HONOR ROLL: April 1, 2015 Releases

Con season is upon us. Comic’s season Is upon us. Like food in the garden the stories grow and grow. We have great picks from our contributors full of great spoilers. Let’s get to it!

THE DYING AND THE DEAD #2 – Tommy Zimmer

The Dying & The Dead by Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim no. 2 was my favorite comic book this week.  Great stuff.


About Me: I’m Tommy. I love comics. Enjoy every sandwich. Follow me @VictorVonZoom

THE DYING AND THE DEAD #2 – James Kaplan

I really enjoyed this issue. This is your classic “getting the band back together” story, as we see the Colonel round up his old squad from nursing homes, oil fields and jail. It feels like as of the next issue were probably about to jump into the deep end as far as the story is concerned, so this issue does a good job as a transitional story, establishing something of the personalities of the main characters. The art from Ryan Bodenheim is great here, detailed and highly expressive, and it works really well with Michael Garland’s somewhat monochromatic, thematic color palate.


About Me: James is a lawyer by day, and an avid reader of comics whenever he can.  He loves his family, friends, and getting all of them into comics. He writes longer comics reviews at and is on Twitter @sinisterjhk. 

BATMAN ETERNAL #52 – Ken Godberson III

I agonized a bit about giving this Honor Roll to this, Uncanny Inhumans or Southern Bastards. I thought “Well, which of these makes me look the least nerdy”, but that went nowhere. So, at this point, I think James Tynion IV is the only writer at DC currently I trust to write any of the Bat-Family under 20. This is one of the Tim Drake-iest moments I have seen since September 2011 (and those have been in very short supply). Basically, DC, as much as I know you were willing to appropriate Kon’s design and give it to Superman or…whatever…you’re doing in Wonder Woman, give us a Steph/Harper/Tim/Cullen-centric book.

Also, if you’re really trying to push diversity, then why have you not brought Cassandra Cain back? Hmmm?


About Me: When he is not working at a library or on his Master’s Degree, Ken Godberson III is usually writing comics, prose and screenplays. He tends to be an expert on absolutely nothing except on why Impulse is the greatest superhero ever. He can be found on Twitter @kengodbersoniii or on Tumblr at

CONVERGENCE #0 – Scott Keys

As a life-long DC fan, I’m a HUGE fan of the multiverse, and as so happens every decade or so, it’s time for some kind of “crisis” to clean things up. Convergence #0 gave us a trip down memory lane & has me ecstatic for what’s to come!


About Me: Scott Keys is a father, Butler University grad, pharmacist, and full-time comic nerd. You can follow his adventures around the spinner-rack and his Incoherent Comic Book Ramblings on: Twitter: @Like_car_Keys Instagram: Like_car_Keys Facebook: Scott Keys (Likecarkeys) Google+: Scott Keys Pinterest: LikecarKeys

LADY KILLER #4 – Tom Barnett

Joelle Jones and colorist Laura Allred kick ass on Lady Killer, but this panel really blew me away. Love the stair steps up and then the weird descent through the apartments back down. Excellently paced and pencilled by Jones. Beautifully and timely colored by Martin.


About Me: I’m Tom. Slightly addicted to comics, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. I also try to spend some time behind the lens of my camera. Love Bronze Age comics and the Black Hole movie from Disney. Follow me @tphoto10


Steve McNiven drawing everybody’s Inhumans should be draw enough.  Luckily, we also get Charles Soule telling the tale of what Blackbolt has been up to during these recent troubles in the Marvel 616.  Together they give us the best visual demonstration of what his power would look like in visual and audible effects.  And yes, I do mean since Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created him in the 1960s.


About Me: Pete Buser is an enigma wrapped in a variant cover. Follow his mystery @petebuser

NO MERCY #1 – Aaron Meyers

This is the start of a horror story that is going to get brutal. Prepare yourself.



About Me: Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics

Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week, stay tuned!


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