THE HONOR ROLL: April 19, 2017 Releases

Sometimes I wonder why the comics companies put out all the comics on one week, like this week. But then again, we get so many wonderful spoiler-filled picks for you to check out, so let’s get to it!

BATMAN #21 – Scott Keys

The set-up, pacing, action, art, and writing of Batman #21 was amazing! The first part of “The Button” crossover has one of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in a while between Batman and the Reverse Flash which takes place within a span of a minute! It truly gives you a sense of speed and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!


Scott Keys is a father, Butler University grad, pharmacist, and full-time comic nerd. You can follow his adventures around the spinner-rack and his Incoherent Comic Book Ramblings on: Twitter: @Like_car_Keys Tumblr:likecarkeys.tumblr.comInstagram: Like_car_Keys Facebook: Scott Keys (Likecarkeys) Google+: Scott Keys Pinterest: LikecarKeys

BLACK HAMMER #8 – James Kaplan

Black Hammer is the best book you might not be reading but should be. It’s a superhero book but it’s so much more. It’s sad (tragic) really and funny and weird. Jeff Lemire is really crafting a complex emotional story with well rounded character. Dean Ormston does wonderful illustration here, and Dave Stewart is his masterful self on colors. It’s a terrific read every month.

About Me: James is a lawyer by day, and an avid reader of comics whenever he can.  He loves his family, friends, and getting all of them into comics. He writes longer comics reviews at and is on Twitter @sinisterjhk. 


Rocks? Who knew?!

Mark Russell and Benjamin Dewey, that’s who! Check it out as the new backup in Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye. Oh yeah, the main story’s pretty darn fun, too.


About Me: I’m Doug. Father of three, husband of one, fan of all things good. I’m a regular contributor here on Comicosity, an adjunct staff member of the Waiting for Doom podcast, and author of the Hawkman Companion from TwoMorrows. Twitter: @DZawisza


World Reader was a beautifully constructed existential comic book that puts an interesting twist on the the commonly asked question “Are we alone?”


About Me: I’m Kat! A YouTuber on Comic Uno and Comic Frontline, a podcaster on the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, comic book editor on The Marvel Report, comic book critic on Newsarama, and writer/creator for comic book series Like Father, Like Daughter. Follow me on @ComicUno.

BLACK HAMMER #8 – Tom Barnett

Such a great panel. Gail is so broken. The team is broken and their lives are broken. And yet Black Hammer is so perfect.

About Me: I’m Tom. Slightly addicted to comics, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. I also try to spend some time behind the lens of my camera. Love Bronze Age comics and the Black Hole movie from Disney. Follow me @tphoto10

BATWOMAN #2 – Kara Leavitt

I am so thrilled that Batwoman has her own solo again, and the book is off to a fantastic start. I love the expansion of Kate Kane’s history and how that shapes who she is as a person and vigilante in the present. Her relationship with Julia Pennyworth is so much fun to read, and I love seeing her get the spotlight too.

About Me: Kara is a pre-vet sophomore at Tufts University. She loves reading comics in her spare time and frequenting her local movie theater. Follow her @karalea16 

REDNECK #1 – Jill Pennington

Interesting set up: Vampires, some with morals and some without. I’ll be reading this series to discover the aftermath of what ol’ Bartlett started. These characters should listen to young Perry. She is probably right.


About Me: I’m Jill; A first time contributor. I sell comics and books by day at Pieces & Pages and fill the rest of my time making my fiancé play boards games with me, reading and hugging my cats. If you’re nearby Livonia, MI stop into the store for a high-five or reach out online @PiecesAndPages.

NICK FURY #1 – Aaron Long

Just look at it. Just freakin’ look at it. And it isn’t the only page that is this killer.

About Me: The EiC of the site you’re at right now. Visit often. Love Comics.



About Me: Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics

Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week!


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