THE HONOR ROLL: January 13, 2016 Releases

We had a great week of comics and some epic stories were told. We have a great list of spoiler filled panels so let’s get to it!

SECRET WARS #9 – Tommy Zimmer

Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic wraps up Secret Wars this week with the super-sized ninth issue. This is how you do an event. Perfect ending that forges a way for an exciting future. Excelsior!!!


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SECRET WARS #9 – Tom Barnett

There’s no better panel that graphically sums up Hickman’s Secret Wars event then this. Reed and Doom always intertwined. Bravo!



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SECRET WARS #9 – James Kaplan

This is it. The big conclusion, months in the making. And guess what? It delivered. This was a really satisfying conclusion not just to the Secret Wars miniseries but to Jonathan Hickman’s 5 year run first at Marvel, first on Fantastic Four, then on Avengers/New Avengers. In particular, this issue really wrapped up Hickman’s take on the complex Reed Richards/Doctor Doom relationship. Hickman does “huge” better than just about anyone but this issue was also full of wonderful small moments, and callbacks to earlier issues. The art from Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina was terrific as well, and made this an excellent conclusion, and the end of an era.


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SECRET WARS #9 – Kulbir Mann

I would like to say goodbye to the multiverse as we know it and hello to the multiverse as we kinda already know it. The final battle was nothing to do with Tony and Steve in the end but more Reed and Victor. But it was damn good and incredibly epic. As a final farewell, this picture stood out for me as the most epic of the series.


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SECRET WARS #9 – Aaron Meyers

Epic isn’t a word that can be used here. Its more than epic. It’s bigger than everything. Perfection.


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Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week!


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