THE HONOR ROLL: July 30, 2014 Releases

Let’s face it, this week had so many amazing comics. It’s the heart of summer. Guardians of the Galaxy came out. People are busy. We have a beautiful collection of contributor pics this week. Spoilers abound! Let’s get to it!

EAST OF WEST #14 – Ken Godberson III

Of all the fascinating characters that are in Hickman and Dragotta’s series, none are more fascinating to me than Andrew Archibald Chamberlain. One of The Chosen, but clearly with his own goals that will no doubt conflict with the rest of the group. He’s affable, but sly and, as this issue showed, ruthless. He’s the snake in the garden and can look Death Himself in the face. He could potentially be one of the most interesting comic villains in the last five years.

Plus, this issue gave focus to the Other Horsemen and I love those little murder children. There’s war a-comin’!


About Me: When he is not working at a library or on his Master’s Degree, Ken Godberson III is usually writing comics, prose and screenplays. He tends to be an expert on absolutely nothing except on why Impulse is the greatest superhero ever. He can be found on Twitter @kengodbersoniii or on Tumblr at

HAWKEYE #19 – Scott Keys

This week’s Hawkeye #19 saw the return of Clint Barton to our comic shelves, and also a very cool ASL issue.  I see why it took so long to make, and appreciated the time and craft that Fraction and Aja put into this issue.  It was totally worth the wait!  Plus, these 2 panels sum up Clint Barton to a tee 🙂


About Me: Scott Keys is a father, Butler University grad, pharmacist, and full-time comic nerd. You can follow his adventures around the spinner-rack and his Incoherent Comic Book Ramblings on: Twitter: @Like_car_Keys / Tumblr: / Facebook: Scott Keys (Likecarkeys) / Google+: Scott Keys


Monsters, psychopaths, and mysteries. “And Then Emily Was Gone” no. 1 by John Lees, Ian Laurie, with colors by Megan Wilson was the creepiest god damn thing I’ve read in awhile, and creepy is the new noir. Cannot wait for more! Published by Comix Tribe, go find it and be disturbed.


About Me: I’m Tommy. I love comics. Enjoy every sandwich. Follow me @VictorVonZoom


I promised myself that I would choose Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III’s new Sandman series for my Pick of the Week every time an issue came out and I’m not about to break my streak now.  I haven’t actually read this issue, but glancing through it I knew this was the panel for me.  Horrifying and a bit scary, it sets the reader up for what’s to come.  Of course they look under the bed in the next frame….


About Me: Pete Buser is an enigma wrapped in a variant cover. Follow his mystery @petebuser

OUTCAST #2 – Kilbir Mann

I noticed recently that I have a propensity to the sullen and angst ridden comics, the characters that are tormented and struggling to continue. This is the pertinent theme of this book and it is portrayed so emphatically by the slow drawn out conversations and the thick atmosphere on the panels. This box is from the end of a difficult conversation as one character runs away from another. It is quite poignant because as accusations hurl, our protagonist runs from his acquaintance. I adore how he wilts as he walks and the menacing shading on the man watching him. This comic is not an easy read but it is a damn fine one.


About Me: I Spend the day as a surgeon operating on people, spend the night as a blogger operating on comics! Check out my blog or follow me @kooliebear

NEW AVENGERS #21 – Aaron Meyers

Hickman’s New Avengers has some of the best character work of any super hero team book. The dark measures the illuminati go to in order to save Earth are terrifying.


About Me: Aaron Meyers loves reading comics, collecting comics and talking about comics. He’s grateful to share his love of comics with all of his friends on the Internet. From Twitter at @aaronmeyers, to his new podcast, Comics Therapy with Andrea Shockling, it’s all about the love of comics. He also loves his family, especially his wife, Chrissy Meyers. And while you were taking the time to read this, Aaron went and bought all the best issues from your store’s dollar bin. You lose, Aaron wins. #AllTheComics


Thanks as always for reading and sharing the most honored comics of the week with us. Same time next week, stay tuned!




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