THE HONOR ROLL: March 15, 2013

The Honor Roll for Wednesday, March 13, 2013 releases is live! What five books were the cream of the crop? Check ’em out!

BatmanandRobin18coverBATMAN & ROBIN #18
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason
Publisher: DC Comics

Comicosity reviewer Gavin Craig ended his review of #18 brilliantly when he said “there are no words”. This is both a literal statement, as this is a silent issue, and also a fantastic description of how well this comic is crafted. Part of me was worried about the Damian fallout, as readers we have seen a lot of superhero deaths over the past few years and the mourning issues are starting to lose their impact…but this is not the case with Batman and Robin #18. Tomasi writes a silent issue that tugs at the heart from start to finish, showing what Bruce and Alfred are going through – the raw emotions – without any long winded speeches to glaze things over. This issue is all about the feelings and the grief, and Tomasi paints a brilliant picture of where Bruce Wayne is at this time. He also let’s Gleason’s art (quite literally) do the talking, and this issue is a great example of just how in sync this creative team is. Gleason’s art makes this issue shine and he does an excellent job of not just putting the character’s emotions on their sleeves, but making the reader feel them as well. In Batman and Robin #18 we are brought on the journey of mourning with Batman, rather than just watching Batman mourn, and it leads to a comic book with an immense amount of impact. I don’t know where this title is going thematically without it’s Robin, but this creative team is on fire and arguably the best Bat book on the shelves.

Written by Nate Cosby
Art by Evan Shaner
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

What the hell was this? A stronger thematic 180 from Batman and Robin is not possible, but Buddy Cops makes the Honor Roll nonetheless. I had no idea what to expect from this comic and I was given a hilarious romp akin to what I would imagine an adult Axe Cop story to be. This comic is out there, and definitely not for everyone, but the outrageous nature of these two characters had me laughing like a fool. The issue focuses on two unlikely partners: Uranus and T.A.Z.E.R., a duo who loathe each other and come from completely different backgrounds (one is a filthy space cop, the other a robot) but this duo works. The two characters and crazy situations make this book shine and the one-liners in the dialogue are absolutely brilliant. Evan Shaner’s art is the perfect compliment to Cosby’s script, with clean colours reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon that you would never, ever, let a kid read. Buddy Cops is a great book for anyone who loves Axe Cop and I’ll be curious to see when we get our next dose of this dynamic duo.

Ghost 4-1GHOST #4
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by Phil Noto
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Issue #4 wraps up the DeConnick/Noto mini-series in a grand fashion, tying up some loose ends for readers and also prepping the series very nicely for the newly announced ongoing. The questions regarding how Ghost came to be in the state she is are finally answered and DeConnick does a masterful job of bouncing the story between the past and the present. The dialogue in this issue is crisp and entertaining, and what struck me most about the script was how well it was paced. DeConnick wraps this mini-series up with a satisfying conclusion and also builds for the future without ever feeling rushed or that she is slighting any portion of the story. Noto’s art is solid as ever and he has set the bar very high for any Ghost series going forward. This comic provides a great ending for what has been a very enjoyable mini-series and I will happily read anything associated with these two creators whenever they work together again.

Panzerfaust10PETER PANZERFAUST #10
Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Tyler Jenkins
Publisher: Image Comics

Panzerfaust, you slay me with your awesomeness month in and month out. Kurtis J. Wiebe closes the book on one story this month, moving our researcher on to the next Lost Boy with the next issue and finishing off this arc. What I was blown away with in this issue is how far Wiebe has brought this comic at what seems like a slow pace, but really isn’t. This comic does not move at a break neck pace, but the growth in the characters and story is impressive. This issue had me gripped from the very first panel and didn’t let go until the last, making me extremely happy with the outcome of the issue. Jenkins’ art is as strong as it has been in the series and I can feel his artistic power growing with each issue. There are some powerful panels in this comic and if you have not been reading Peter Panzerfaust to this point I am going to command thee to get to a store and grab the trade – get yourself caught up!

Demon Knights 18DEMON KNIGHTS #18
Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Bernard Chang
Publisher: DC Comics

Robert Venditti and Bernard Chang are creating one hell of a tense war in Demon Knights and the situation with the Demon takes an interesting turn in #18. Venditti’s first arc has been very strong and issue #18 is the strongest issue he has written yet. Venditti drops fantastic tidbits about the future of the DC universe in this comic for people reading multiple titles and I really enjoy the interaction of the “team” members and of all the books I read this week, Demon Knights is the one I that has stuck with me. I want the next issue as fast as I can get my hands on it because this comic has one of the best final pages of the month. Bernard Chang’s art is fantastic in this comic and I can see him headlining events in the future if this caliber of art continues. The visuals in this comic suit the script extremely well and Venditti and Chang clearly have chemistry as a creative team. Twists, turns and medieval action, Demon Knights #18 has it all.


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