This Week in INFINITY: Week Two

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The reviews are in…

INFINITY2013001_DC11_LR_Page1INFINITY #1 *(Hickman, Cheung)
Infinity #1 is a fantastic first issue, building the situation for this event very well and delivering some of the best artwork you are going to find in superhero comics today. Marvel Cosmic fans, Avengers fans, and fans of the film franchises should be in on this event as the first issue encapsulates everything that is great about those titles and films. This looks like it is going to be one heck of a ride…
– Aaron Long

AVENGERS #18 (Hickman, Yu)
Infinity races forward as the Avengers and their allies face off against the Builders in the first major battle of all out intergalactic war. If there was any doubt as to the size and scope of Infinity, Jonathan Hickman does his best this issue to prove that this story is going to be one of the biggest and most epic stories ever told in the medium.
– John Ernenputsch 

AVNASS2012018-DC11-LRAVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (DeConnick, Kitson)
The combined might of a dozen armies from the Kree to the Skrull to the Avengers is engaging the Builders in deep space, but Jessica Drew makes it all about her. I didn’t expect such an in-depth character story from a mega-event tie-in issue. At the same time, the exhilarating space battle reminded me that there’s a war for creation at stake. This is a good issue if you enjoy drama and Hulk smashing robots, and a great issue if you love Spider-Woman.
Alison Berry

THUNDERBOLTS #14 (Soule, Palo)
Readers looking for an immediately substantial tie-in to Infinity won’t find what they’re seeking until September’s issue, but #14 offers plenty of cushioning for those just tuning in for the event who might need familiarizing with the book’s premise and cast (though it does not flesh the characters out individually). Wherever Infinity takes the Thunderbolts, the new creative team seems more than ready to handle it.
– MJ Feuerborn

Hitting stores Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Preview: NEW AVENGERS #9

Infinity Power Rankings

AVEN2012018-DC11-LRCheck here for a quick roundup of all the scores for titles that are part of the Infinity event!

  1. AVENGERS #18 (9.5/10)
  2. INFINITY #1 (9.0/10)
  3. THUNDERBOLTS #14 (9.0/10)
  4. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #18 (8.0/10)

Check back throughout the entire Infinity event for more reviews, previews, interviews and updated Power Rankings as the event continues! Sound off below, what are your Infinity Power Rankings?
*Infinity #1 was released August 14, 2013 and kicked off the event. All other titles reviewed were released on August 21, 2013.





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