TRADE WAITING #10: Week of November 10, 2021

Graphic novels. Collected editions. Omnibuses. Trades. These are really all just words for “a kickass way to read comics”. So, with this column we’re going to look at all of those kickass bound pages that are hitting comic shops, bookstores and online outlets this week! (Note that in some instances, the release dates to comic shops, online retailers and book stores are different)

Speaking of release dates (and that whole global shipping problems crap), here’s a couple releases that were in a past Trade Waiting but are actually coming out this week….

Written by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale
Art by Asiah Fulmore
Published by DC Comics
Price: $9.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: Amaya, princess of House Amethyst in Gemworld, is something of a troublemaker. She and her brother have great fun together until a magical prank goes much too far and her parents ground her…to Earth! They hope a whole week in the mundane world will teach her that magic is a privilege…and maybe washing dishes by hand will help her realize the palace servants should be respected.

Three years later, Amy has settled into middle school and ordinary life. She doesn’t remember any other home. So when a prince of the realm brings her home and restores her magical destiny, how will she cope?

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld introduces a new generation to a fantastical place and a truly fantastic princess.

What I still say: “Traditional” (I hate that word, but I wasn’t sure what else to say) comic readers may not know Shannon Hale & Dean Hale, but they need to look up their names and recognize some brilliant work! Titans of the middle grade space bringing Amethyst to a generation of younger readers? YES, PLEASE.

Written by Jeffrey Brown
Art by Jeffrey Brown, Silvana Brys
Published by DC Comics
Price: $9.99
You can find it here:

What the publisher says: Sidelined by a crime-fighting field trip gone wrong, Damian Wayne must refocus his attention on his life as an average student and learning how to be a team player–especially when he meets his match in his new rival, Howard.

To Damian Wayne, there is nothing more important than protecting the streets of Gotham City as Robin. But when he makes a critical mistake while out on patrol, Damian finds himself benched. And what’s more, Damian’s dad, Bruce Wayne–a.k.a. Batman–decides that starting over in a new school will be just the distraction Damian needs from his superhero routine.

Certain that Gotham Metro Academy has nothing to teach him, Damian is completely unprepared for the challenge he finds in Howard–the smartest and most athletic kid in school. The boys’ rivalry is instantaneous and fierce…and both are sure only one of them can be the best in their class.

What follows is a funny story of rivalry, friendship, and mystery from bestselling author and illustrator Jeffrey Brown.

What I still say: DC, you’re killing me with the “middle grade titans throwing down an irresistible tome of glory” this week! Jeffrey Brown is well known for his Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Goodnight Darth Vader and Lucy & Andy Neanderthal series, and this is priming to be another stellar addition to a brilliant stable of work.

Written by Ron Marz, Andy Lanning
Art by Howard Porter, Marco Santucci, Clayton Henry, Xermanico and more
Published by DC Comics
Price: $29.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: There’s an extinction-level storm wreaking havoc on the entirety of Earth, and the Justice League finds themselves fighting a literal force of nature! Enter the Frost King, a monster mad with power, with an ice army at his command! What devastating secrets lie in the Frost King’s past?

What I say: Look at that goddamn roster of artists!?!? ‘Nuff said.

Written by Rachel Smythe
Art by Rachel Smythe
Published by Del Rey
Price: $26.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: Scandalous gossip, wild parties, and forbidden love-the Greek tale of Hades and Persephone gets a romantic modern update in the gorgeously illustrated, Eisner-nominated Lore Olympus, including a brand new, exclusive short story!

An ingenious take on the Greek Pantheon, Lore Olympus is the modern update on the story of Hades and Persephone. Follow the propulsive love story of two Greek gods, told with lavish artwork and contemporary sensibilities.

What I say: The Eisner-nominated Lore Olympus gets the hardcover treatment, with an exclusive new short story! Modern updates on the Greek Pantheon? DEAL.

Written by Miranda Tacchia
Art by Miranda Tacchia
Published by Fantagraphics Books
Price: $29.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: As seen on her popular Instagram account (@mrmtacchia), Southern Californian cartoonist and animator Miranda Tacchia’s first book collects more than two hundred hilarious one-liners (and even funnier drawings) tackling modern friendship, romance, urban living, and self-image.

Have you ever schemed with a friend? Stared at your phone screen well after you should have gone to sleep? Braced for heartbreak? Been told to smile more? Then Unimpressed will undoubtedly speak to you. In a book that bridges comics and memes, Tacchia uses her biting sense of humor and background in animation to create brilliant character portraits of women with only markers, Post-it notes, and tape. A master of expression, figure, and subtle (and other times not-so-subtle) comedy, Tacchia’s protagonists are usually “unimpressed women” – who all share the fact that “they don’t give a shit about you,” as Tacchia puts it.

What makes Unimpressed so impressive and entertaining is how Tacchia taps into instantly relatable feelings and situations while simultaneously creating art that exudes confidence and vulnerability. (Sample caption: “When you went from giving him an earful to a mouthful.”) Her often scabrous depiction of life as a young single woman today echoes that of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s (Fleabag) or Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer’s (Broad City). Funny, smart, observant, sexy, gross, and relatable – Unimpressed is a wonderful debut and a great gift idea.

What I say: Unimpressed women who do not give a shit about you. Yes. Just…so yes.

Written by Julio Anta
Art by Anna Wieszczyk
Published by Image Comics
Price: $16.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: After being separated from his mother at the US border, a young Guatemalan immigrant must learn to harness his emerging superhuman abilities while being hunted by the Federal Government. JULIO ANTA & ANNA WIESZCZYK debut with a deeply grounded, and heartfelt graphic novel that explores the real world implications of a migrant with extraordinary powers.


What I say: This is exactly the kind of topic that comics can take on so well. Dig in to something with some meat!

Written by John Ridley
Art by Guiseppe Camuncoli, Andrea Cucchi, Jose Villarrubia
Published by DC Comics
Price: $29.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: The long-awaited miniseries written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Let It Fall) and beautifully illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Andrea Cucchi is now available in one volume! The Other History of the DC Universe takes a look at the mythology of the DC Universe as seen through the prism of several generations’ worth of DC Super Heroes who come from historically disenfranchised groups. Extensively researched and masterfully executed, The Other History of the DC Universe promises to be an experience unlike any other. You may think you know the history of the DC Universe…but the truth is far more complex. The Other History of the DC Universe isn’t about saving the world-it’s about having the strength to simply be who you are. Collects The Other History of the DC Universe #1-5.

What I say: John Ridley taking on the mythology of the DCU with Giuseppe Camuncoli bringing it to life, all in one top flight hardcover package.

Written by Jeremy Sorese
Art by Jeremy Sorese
Published by BOOM! Studios
Price: $29.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: What is the price of love… and redemption?

After a party, two men accidentally swap their jackets which turns into much more than just a chance meeting.

Unexpectedly they discover the love, companionship, trust, honesty, and vulnerability they’ve both been missing. But with it comes tragedy and loss. The loss of self, loss of freedom, and loss of each other.

Acclaimed cartoonist Jeremy Sorese (Curveball, Steven Universe) presents a tragic but redemptive love story about two men who meet, fall in love, and then fall apart when a traumatic event changes both of their lives forever, perfect for fans of My Favorite Thing is Monsters and Fun Home.

What I Say: The acclaimed creator of Curveball and Steven Universe alum, Jeremy Sorese, delivers a tale that takes on it all: love, loss and everything in between. Just what you need for when you’re all cape-d out.

Written by Duane Murray
Art by Shawn Daley
Published by IDW Publishing/Top Shelf
Price: $19.99
You can find it here:

The publisher says: This sidekick misses his superhero… After hearing that his grandfather has gone to a “better place,” a boy sets off on a grand adventure to find him, dressed as his favourite comic book character.

Dylan just moved to a new house, with no friends, and a mother who doesn’t have time for him. Luckily, he has his grandad. Together, they are Red Rocket and Kid Cosmo, who save the world from evil every day with the power of imagination! But one day, Dylan learns that his grandad is suddenly gone… to a “better place.” Now, Kid Cosmo will have to save the day, all by himself.

Debut author Duane Murray joins artist Shawn Daley (Samurai Grandpa) for a touching story about family, grief, change, and growth.

What I say: Another one hitting the heavy topics! Shawn Daley’s name alone is reason to show up for the artwork.

…and with that, I call this week done. Happy reading, comics fans!

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