TRADE WAITING: Week of August 6, 2014

We are a mere 48 hours away from new comic books, and a whole fresh crop of collections as well! If your bookshelf is in need of a trade or hardcover infusion, look no further than the top five releases of August 6, 2014:


Written by Jim Starlin
Art by Jim Starlin
Published by Marvel Comics
Price: $24.99

There is an imbalance in the universe. And since his latest return from oblivion, Thanos himself feels…incomplete. Now, the so-called Mad Titan would put both wrongs right. The revelatory waters of the Infinity Well lead Thanos on a new quest, with a once-sworn enemy at his side. A crusade that will bring confrontation with the Silver Surfer and the galaxy’s mightiest heroes, the Annihilators. An odyssey that will change everything. Cosmic maestro Jim Starlin returns to his signature character in a tale of death and rebirth that will transform the Marvel Universe once more!

Why to watch for it: The Mad Titan, written and drawn by the creator who knows him best! Thanos has risen to be as major a player as there is in the Marvel U, and this original graphic novel is on a new quest…

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Jeff Lemire
Published by Vertigo Comics
Price: $16.99

The amazing eight-issue miniseries by award-winning writer/artist Jeff Lemire is collected in this mind-blowing new collection! Two souls separated by thousands of years and hundreds of millions of miles will fall in love and, as a result, bring about the end of the universe. Even though reality is unraveling all around them, nothing can pull them apart. This isn’t just a love story, it’s the LAST love story ever told.

Why to watch for it: Jeff Lemire. Writing, and penciling. Yup, you read that right. Lemire is at his absolute best when he’s handling both duties, and you’ve got eight issues of new Lemire work waiting for you with Trillium.

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Manuel Garcia, Bit
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Price: $14.99

After an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Captain Midnight, the Skyman Program turns to US Air Force Sgt. Eric Reid: a wounded veteran looking for a new lease on life. They tried to make the perfect weapon, but they got a hero instead. Collects the four-issue miniseries.

Why to watch for it: Spinning out of Dark Horse’s Captain Midnight comes the Skyman mini-series! Fialkov & Garcia, delivering a tale of heroics in Dark Horse’s superhero universe!

Written by Derek McCulloch
Art by Anthony Peruzzo
Published by Image Comics
Price: $17.99

**Note from Image Comics – this title has been delayed to August 13**

San Francisco, the twentieth century: In 1939, a private detective searches for a missingheiress. In 1969, twin brothers approach a drug heist from opposite sides of the law. And in 1999, a woman slowly comes to realize the terrible danger she faces in her own home. From the Eisner-nominated writer DEREK McCULLOCH (STAGGER LEE, Gone To Amerikay) and artist ANTHONY PERUZZO comes DISPLACED PERSONS, a riveting tale of murder, love, crime, friendship, betrayal, and just the slightest bit of time travel.

Why to watch for it: Acclaimed writer Derek McCulloch teams with Anthony Peruzzo on this creator owned OGN that will bend your mind.

Written by Rick Remender
Art by various
Published by Marvel Comics
Price: $39.99

Rick Remender’s extraordinary, critically acclaimed X-Force saga is collected across two volumes! Psylocke, Archangel, Deadpool and Fantomex sign up for Wolverine’s secret squad of assassins, but their first mission – to deal with the despot Apocalypse, reborn as an innocent child – casts a long shadow. As X-Force struggles to come to terms with their actions, startlingly familiar Deathloks attack from the future – targeting Fantomex for an early execution! And when Archangel unravels, picking up where Apocalypse left off, X-Force must travel to the one place that holds the key to saving him: the Age of Apocalypse! All life on Earth is forfeit if the Dark Angel succeeds, but can even a team of hardened killers assassinate one of their own? Collecting UNCANNY X-FORCE (2010) #1-19 and #5.1, and material from WOLVERINE: ROAD TO HELL #1.

Why to watch for it: Diving into the recently released omnibus may be too much for some, so now there is a complete collection to get you started! Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force has shaped all his work in the Marvel Universe and set events in motion that have lead to the upcoming Axis event, so it is as can’t-miss as it gets for Marvel fans!


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