TRADE WAITING: Week of September 17, 2014

We are a mere 48 hours away from new comic books, and a whole fresh crop of collections as well! If your bookshelf is in need of a trade or hardcover infusion, look no further than the top five releases of September 17, 2014:

Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Brent Anderson
Published by Vertigo Comics
Price: $24.99

When criminal charges are brought against Winged Victory, the Confessor must investigate – and it leads to open combat with Samaritan! Can Astro City’s three greatest heroes find a way to work together against this mystery threat? Plus, ASTRO CITY VISITOR’S GUIDE #1, including a tale revealing Winged Victory’s origin!

Why to watch for it: Astro City continues to be one of the best creator owned series in comics, and in this hardcover the series is as strong as it has ever been. Busiek. Anderson. Get it. Good.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Jim Calafiore
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Price: $14.99

When the caped heroes of the world’s safest city inexplicably turn into homicidal maniacs, no one is safe. The only rational thing to do is to get the hell out of town. If only it were that easy. A small group of terrified survivors make a desperate run for the city limits, chased by unspeakable evil!

Why to watch for it: Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore bring back the Secret Six magic with their own comic, Leaving Megalopolis! This successfully kickstarted book has found legs at Dark Horse and if you missed the campaign you can get your hands on it now!

Written by Charles Soule
Art by Tony S. Daniel, various
Published by DC Comics
Price: $24.99

Beginning a bold new series that looks at the relationship between The Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess, as writer Charles Soule (SWAMP THING) is joined by artist Tony S. Daniel (DETECTIVE COMICS) to tell the tale of a romance that will shake the stars themselves. These two super-beings love each other, but not everyone shares their joy. Some fear it, some test it – and some will try to kill for it. Some say love is a battlefield, but where Superman and Wonder Woman are concerned it spells Doomsday! Collects Issues #1-6 of their new, blockbuster series.

Why to watch for it: Soule and Daniel’s first volume of the controversial Superman/Wonder Woman is here! One of Soule’s strongest series in the DCU and part of the revival of the Superman line, you can get caught up supremely quickly here.

Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by Tyler Jenkins
Published by Image Comics
Price: $14.99

In the aftermath of the assault on The Sticks, the team is fractured and Lily’s father is dead. Parsons returns to Lily to learn her side of the story for the first time. It is the story of one woman giving up everything to avenge her family. Tiger Lily will honor her father’s memory with one final hunt.

Why to watch for it: Wiebe and Jenkins continue their look at Peter Pan in WWII, and this series is only getting deeper as we go! Dive in and watch Tiger Lily’s story grow…

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Artyom Trakhanov
Published by Image Comics
Price: $14.99

Join Redum Anshargal’s crew and explore the savage surface world! Stampeding humans. Warlike crustaceans. An ice-road Mammoth hunt. Hold fast face to face with the Amphibian, the mad barbarian god that holds the key to a life on land!

Collects UNDERTOW #1-6, with extras

Why to watch for it: Step into a mind bending world in the unique Undertow by Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov. This one tests boundaries and will dazzle your senses.


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