WAITING FOR DOOM Episode 125: Shaving the Chief and Constantly Smoking

Mike and Paul are finally back in the driving seat and once again tearing down the Doom Highway with stops to discuss HeroesCon and the latest Doom Patrol TV casting rumours.

Let’s get Patrolling!

In this episode:

Our Week in Comics 1:40

Down on Derington Way 10:00

Doom Clock 14:22

Doomsplaining 17:44 Discussion of Doom Patrol Volume 3 issues 13 and 14 by John Arcudi, the late great Seth Fisher, Tan Eng Huat, Bob Lappan, David Stewart and Andy Helfer.

Mailbag O Doom 39:52 We discuss your answers to our last Question of the Week “Who’s your favourite comic character without an alternate identity?”


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