WE TALK COMICS Episode 168: Vengeance From The Crypt


Vengeance will be yours.

We Talk Comics is absolutely positive you’ll have a scary good time with our new episodes looking at some horror themed books.

First off Brett, Mo, Keith and Chris look at the book that inspired the idea, from Josie and the Pussycats #72 from October 1973. It’s positively frightening, but not in a traditionally scary way when Josie and her gal pal’s meet… The Devil?

Good thing they had a bible handy.


A positively beautiful piece of art.

Then the fella’s move on to some of the most highly regarded Horror Books from more modern times.

Action Comics #13 (New 52) – The Ghost in the Fortress Solitude.

Gotham Adventures #32 – The Remote Controller.

Hellboy The Wolves of St. August.

From there we go into a category that the guys are positively excited to finally explore, the too often forgotten medium of webcomics, and you can be positive the guys have a lot to say as usual on these stories.








And with that we’re positive here at We Talk Comics you’ll have all the tools you need for an excellent Halloween night, so enjoy everyone.

Someone enjoys this holiday anyway.

Someone enjoys this holiday anyway.


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