We Talk Comics Presents: Creator Commentary – Slash Maraud

Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy are here to talk Slash Maraud!

Slash Maraud!!!

First a little context…

We Talk Comics has been on the air more than 5 years.

WTC has had more than 100 guests or interviews in this time.

Names counted among this group include Mark Texeira, J.M. DeMatteis,  Frank Cho, Peter David, Neal Adams, Dan Jurgens,Greg Rucka, Matt Hawkins, Jerry Ordway, Robert Venditti, Chuck Dixon, Joe Eisma and many, many more.

There’s more than 200 shows of WTC or related specials in the archives to listen to.

More than a quarter of a million unique listeners have sampled at least one show over the years.

And the book most often talked about is the cult classic subject of this podcast.

The iconic looks of Slash Maraud and his would be lover Wild Blue.

WTC is proud to present writer Doug Moench (Batman, Moon Knight, Master of Kung Fu) and artist Paul Gulacy (Legends of the Dark Knight, Six From Sirius, Master of Kung Fu) as they look back on Slash Maraud, the brilliant 1986 comic book published by DC.

An in-depth behind the scenes look, hampered only by memory due to the passing of years, WTC is happy to provide you with a page by page and issue by issue look at the creation and execution of Slash Maraud from the men who created it, with all the crazy behind the scenes stories these 2 old friends can remember to share.

Creepy, gross, ugly or cute? What do you think of the fuzzy aliens in Slash Maraud?

So thanks once again to Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy for joining us and we’ll have them back on soon. And thanks to the listeners for indulging us in our Slash Maraud obsession over the years. We promise we’ll move on to talking some other books now.



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